HEXVOID found inspiration in old school rock, metal and hardcore.
We are based on new metal rock of 90′ to 00′ and perform primitively, raw eotionaly, groovy, aggressive and intensible. Our two vocalists sing sometimes violently,mellowly and express various lyrically songs.

In 2007 HEXVOID was formed by ERC and Hajime in Tokyo, Japan.

In 2008 we released 2 free demo songs “Swing Addict” and “Crimson Teeth” and distributed the 1,000 CDs.

In 2009 we toured in Kyoto, Nagoya, held the tour final show in Tokyo, played with a Japanese metal rock legend “METAL SAFARI” and 120 fans came there.

In 2010 we toured 23 prefectures in Japan.

In 2011 we played at the Heavy Rock Festival at Club Citta in Kawasaki City, Japan with the HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT, HER NAME IN BLOOD, etc. And appeared on Japanese metal rock TV program “J:HEAVEN” for the first time.

In 2013 we toured in New York and played 5 shows. After the tour, we competed in the METAL BATTLE JAPAN and reached the final. And appeared on “J:HEAVEN” again.

In 2014 we were published our interview article in a Japanese most popular loud rock magazine “Geki Rock”. Reached the Qualify Stage on the RED BULL LIVE ON THE ROAD.
Released 1st full album “RAVEN” and joined the SADS official tribute album “M” project as a tribute band. Toured the east coast in the USA and played 4 shows.

In 2015 we played at the A.V.E.S.T project Vol.8 presented by Zephyren, which is a Japanese most famous metal fashion brand, with Maximum The Hormone, ROTTENGRAFFTY, My First Story, The Kanmuri, 10-FEET, ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D, etc.

In 2016 we were published our interview article in the Geki Rock again and played at the GEKI-ROCK GIG with SMASH HIT COMBO (from FR), HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT, etc.
Released a single “LET IT DIE -fakes alive-” for video game PS4 “LET IT DIE” presented by Gungho with Arukara, OUTRAGE, ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D, Survive said the prophets, TOTALFAT, Tsuki Amano, Kanojo in the Display, Kiba of Akiba, etc. Held a solo show and it was sold out.

In 2017 we supported The Flesh Juicer (from TW) Japan Tour with HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT as a host band, toured in Taiwan and played 2 shows with HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT, Truth Corroded and INFERNAL CHAOS supported by METAL SENSOR. After that, we played at The Wake Up Festival2017 in Taiwan.

In 2018 we played at Heartown Rock Fest in Taiwan with ENTERSHIKARI, Crown The Empire, CrossFaith, etc. And toured in Mexico with the host band Pirana and The Revenger (from CA).

In 2019 we competed in the METAL BATTLE JAPAN and reached the final again. Toured in eastern Canada and played 6 shows with LICH KING (from USA), etc. Then appeared on a
Radio program in Niagara Falls.

In 2020 we had a pandemic and some members left.
In 2020 Itaru joined as a guitarist, in 2021 Takehiro joined as a drummer and Hajime changed from drummer to bassist.

In 2023 now we say goodbye to the pandemic and are planning exciting tours all over the world. Don’t miss us! Hellyeah!!